ASL Handshape Games


  • Includes three ASL handshape games.
  • Designed for Deaf bilingual children of ASL and English to support early language and literacy.
  • Co-designed by Deaf children.
  • Helpful for ASL learners for handshape association to vocabulary.


ASL HandShapeGames cover art includes images representing the three gamesASL Handshape Games is an innovative app containing three penguin themed American Sign Language (ASL) handshape games. The game is published by Sign2Read Literacy Initiatives, Inc. out of Alberta, Canada, which is “…dedicated to designing and producing dual language (signed language and spoken language) educational resources that can support, improve, or augment Deaf children’s literacy learning.

If you are less familiar with ASL, signs are made up of five parameters: handshape, movement, location, palm orientation, and non-manual signal ( The games are designed for Deaf bilingual children, supporting early language and literacy skills. While not the main audience, non-Deaf ASL learners may also find this app useful as they learn new signs and strengthen old ones, associating signs with handshapes, and linking signs together via common handshapes.

Quick Review Video

Endless Waddle

In this game, you slide forward as a penguin, maneuvering around or over holes, matching the given handshapes with the corresponding words. When you get a correct match you gain 10 points and when you get an incorrect match you lose 10 points and are shown the correct answer.

Title Screen

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Hungry Penguins

In Hungry Penguins, you are presented with three penguins at the top of the screen, with each penguin labeled with a different handshape. Fish begin to swim from both signs, each fish labeled with a different word. Your goal is to gain points by feeding each fish to the correct penguin. As with the previous game, you receive 10 points for each correct answer, and lose 10 points for each incorrect answer. This game does not however present you with the correct answer after an incorrect selection. The game can be played either with images and text, or simply the word text.

Title Screen

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Memory Match

The final game, Memory Match, is a classic matching game. In the app options you can choose how many rounds to complete, and whether or not the player will be shown the front side of the cards at the beginning of the game or not. You can also choose to play the game just with word text, or also include images.

Match Terms and Handshapes

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Besides the three games, a great feature of the app is the included handshape dictionary, allowing you to search or browse by ASL handshape.

Image of dictionary including various handshapes.
Example of vocabulary terms in the dictionary.


You can learn more about ASL Handshape Games on their website, and the app can be purchased for a few dollars on iOS or Android.


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