Guinealogía (Board Game)


  • Possibly the only board game focusing on Equatorial Guinea.
  • Develop familiarity and knowledge in Spanish of the the only Spanish speaking African Nation.
  • Develop knowledge in Spanish related to Africa and the world.


Guinealogía is a trivia game by Iniciativas Elebi focusing on the country of Equatorial Guinea, the African continent, and the world in general. The game has similarities to other trivia games, but if you are less familiar with Equatorial Guinea, you will need to study up before successfully playing.

In this game, players break into two or more teams and have the goal to be the first team to reach the final square. (Starting on Salidas [departures] and ending on Llegadas [arrivals]).

At the start of the turn a team member rolls the die (rolls from 0-2), and puts it aside. Each turn, one member of the team acts as the describer, and the other member(s) act as the guesser(s). You have 30 seconds (or whatever duration is decided) to describe (and guess) as many of the words found on the cards as possible. After the turn is over, you count up the number of words you were able to correctly guess, and then subtract the number you rolled on the die. Your team will then move your piece that number of squares.


As mentioned above, there are three categories of cards. The green cards have to do with Equatorial Guinea, the red with Africa, and the blue with the world. With this said, as described in the instruction booklet, card terms were selected from a guinea-centric perspective. For a more basic game, only green and blue cards are used, while all three types of cards are used for a more challenging game. When playing the game without the red Africa cards, when landing on the white question mark spaces, teams may choose either of the two other categories.

Learning Suggestions

As you have likely played trivia games before, understanding how to play the game should not be much of a challenge. What may be a challenge for you, however, is a lack of knowledge of key cultural concepts of Equatorial Guinea, and perhaps also of Africa and the world. If you find yourself in this category (as I did), here are some ideas to help this game be more playable for you.

  1. You might reduce the number of cards to around 5-10 for each category. Before gameplay go through and remind (or teach) everybody the significance of each of the key terms.
  2. After each round go through each term and have somebody explain the significance in more detail, or look it up on the internet.
  3. On your own or as a group, take time and explore cultural concepts from the game. For a homeschool or traditional class situation, this could be done as homework.
  4. If you have access to an Android device, Iniciativas Elebi just released Guinealogía: Edicional Trivial, which is a free digital adaptation to the game. You might find this to be a great resource by itself, and for preparation for physical gameplay.
  5. Consider increasing the time limit for each round to 2-3 minutes.
  6. Consider removing the die element to the game as it will help you move through the board faster.
  7. If you are less comfortable using Spanish, you might use your native language for describing the terms. You will still be developing your cultural knowledge.


Interested in learning some background information about the game and more about Equatorial Guinea? Check out this podcast episode with game creator Victor Ele Ela:

YouTube Spot

You might be interested in this fun YouTube Spot (in Spanish) about the game:


While the game comes with instructions, you may also be interested in checking out the game page on Iniciativas Elebi for instructions and examples before making a purchase at one of these sites:

Disclosure: I received the game for free for this review, but at this time I do not receive a commission should you choose to purchase.


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