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Lufi & Friends is a small company from the Chicagoland area focusing on Spanish and Russian children’s books that sing! Read through to the end of the review for a 10% off coupon code!

* Good for children and beginners
* Screen-free musical experience
* Independent exploration
* Cultural exposure

Lufi & Friends Books that Sing Covers

Quick Video Overview

Interview with Marina Lidow from Lufi & Friends

Screen Free Music and Language Exposure

Lufi & Friends sent me two of their books for review, Mis primeras canciones de cunas (Spanish), and My First Russian Book the Sings: Traditional Songs (Russian). The first of these books contains lullabies, most of which may be familiar to an English speaker. The second includes traditional Russian songs. The books are of a high quality, and pleasantly illustrated. They are slightly heavier than other board books, due to the electronics embedded in the back of the book, but the weight is not extreme. Each book contains the lyrics to each song, the book of Russian traditional songs also includes an English translation below the Russian, while the book of lullabies in Spanish includes a glossary at the end of the book. The audio quality is not perfect, but gets the job done, while keeping the cost of the books at a reasonable level.

Whether you are in a situation where you are trying to teach your children a heritage language, or simply want them to learn one or more additional non-English languages, having resources like these books in your home may increase the likelihood of your child becoming interested in the language and culture.

Books with a built in audio component such as the books that sing from Lufi & Friends allow for independent language exploration by children, without the need of a screen, and with or without encouragement from a parent. The day the books arrived, my 6 year old son spent 20 minutes with the books, independently listening to the songs and looking at the pictures. As related to what Marina Lidow described in our interview, a child can grow with the books as they age, from pushing buttons to dancing along to the music, to humming or singing along with the words.

As mentioned above, in the case of Mis primeras canciones de cuna en espaƱol, a Spanish-English glossary was provided at the end of the book with all the words found in the songs. The one thing to be aware of if you are not familiar with Spanish, is that the verbs are listed in infinitive form, which is customary, but they won’t exactly match the conjugated forms of the verbs. This is a great addition to the book, and a parent who is not fluent in Spanish can help give meaning to the songs. Additionally, because the songs are relatively short, an older child who has started to read may be able to do some of the work themselves of figuring out what exactly the words of the songs mean.

Glossary from Mis primeras canciones

Also as mentioned above, in the case of My First Russian Book the Sings: Traditional Songs, there was no glossary at the end of the book, but English translations of each song are provided under the Russian.

Looking at the books in their offerings as a whole, you are probably going to find a mix of tunes that are familiar to the English speaker, along with other songs that are more traditionally found in the cultures of the language being learned. Both approaches have value. On the one hand, tunes that are already known in English can be beneficial for that sense of familiarity, while at the same time it is important to be exposed to songs which are more associated with the culture and language being learned.

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