Lumuku Spanish-English Matching Games


  • Fun bilingual games for all skill levels
  • Amusing art and phrases
  • Unique phrases may help with retention
  • Great additions to a family game collection


  • Actual vocabulary growth will be limited as the number of overall terms are limited
  • Instructions could use some improvement

Lumuku is a small company ran by Ryan Dean which focuses on helping expose people to new languages through face to face games. Currently Lumuku offers four main products. The first, are dual-language playing cards in Spanish+English, French+English, and Portuguese+English. These cards are standard playing cards, except with the words spelled out in both English and the other language. This could be an interesting kind of stealth learning of the numbers, suits, and face cards. The focus of this review are the remaining three products which are bilingual Spanish+English matching games: Go Pez!, Spoons con Cucharas, and Half + Medio. All three of the games are of good quality, and illustrations and scenarios are amusing and memorable, possibly helping to cement vocabulary or structure to memory.

Go Pez!

Go Pez! is a version of the classic game “Go fish.” Players try to collect sets of cards (one in English one in Spanish) by asking the other player(s) if they have a given match. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins. The game requires you to read the questions when you ask for a card, in this sense it can be a good model for beginners unfamiliar with question construction. The game also models a positive response “¡Si, la tengo!” / “Yes, I have it,” and while the rules just give “no” as the negative response, players might consider using a more comprable response” “No, no la tengo.” / “No, I don’t have it.” In the rules for this particular game you don’t have to say “Go fish,” when a player doesn’t have a given card, but for those of you who are interested in the comparable statement in Spanish it would be ¡Pesca! or ¡Ve a pescar! (See Wikipedia article).

  • Go, Pez Overview

Spoons con Cucharas

The second game is Spoons con Cucharas, which based on what I saw on multiple websites is like the classical game of Spoons which you may or may not be familiar with. The goal of the game is to collect a set of four cards: A card with just the illustration, a card with just Spanish, a card with just English, and a card with the illustration, English and Spanish. After a player collects a set, all players race to grab one of the remaining spoons. The provided instructions for this game were a bit lacking, How to Play Spoons (Triple S Games), and How to Play Spoons: Instructions, Rules, & More (WikiHow) were useful to understand a couple key elements. Because of the potentially fast past nature of this game, I would recommend players be of similar linguistic levels. It may also be helpful to review vocabulary used in the game before and/or after game play.

  • Spoons con Cucharas Overview Image

Half + Medio

The final game is Half + Medio, which is the most basic of the matching games. While the other two games are made out of a more standard card stock, and are the typical size of most card games, these cards are square and made of a thicker material. You can play a game of your own creation, or the traditional memory game, where you turn all the cards over and try to make matches by turning over individual cards and trying to remember where their matches are. Like the other games, it will be helpful to take time to read and study the cards out loud during game play. There are currently three different sets for this game: Funny Fruits, Fun Veggies, and Wacky Weather.

  • Half + Medio Overview

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