The Scrambled States of America Game


  • Become familiar with U.S. states, capitals, nicknames, shapes, and locations.
  • Feels like play not like learning.
  • Fun art!


The Scrambled States of America Game by Gamewright is an entertaining educational game which will help you learn some basic facts and locations of the 50 states of the United States.

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The game is actually based on a children’s book by Laurie Keller (The Scrambled States of America) in which the U.S. states got bored one day and decided to trade places, but as you can imagine, things aren’t always “greener on the other side”, and they ended up finding their way back home. (The book is included in the deluxe edition of the game) It’s a fun book, and the game retains the same feel. In the game you have the goal to help these states make their way home, and whoever helps the most get home, wins.

Gameplay example with give state cards, some find it and a distance! card and the map of the United States

Following the basic gameplay rules, each player starts with 5 State cards, and then the first Find-It card is revealed. Each of these cards have some kind of information which might be related to one or more of your State cards. Here are some examples: “Touches the Atlantic Ocean,” “Nickname has 3 syllables,” “Touches Canada or Mexico,” “Is north of Nebraska,” and “Capital starts with S or T.” There are also cards which are less geographically based, and are more about how the state has been illustrated, such as “Is not showing teeth,” or “Is green.”

After the card is revealed the first person to find a match in their cards, to slap it, and say the state name wins that card. They then draw another State card so they have a full five cards again. Gameplay continues in this manner until there are no more State cards in the draw pile. Collected States are then counted up, and the winner is whomever has collected the most states (helped the most states get home). There are also altered rules for younger players, and additional house rules to spice up the game.

Educational Benefits

Whether you are a native English speaker from the United States, someone learning English as a Second Language, or anyone else interested in learning more about the United States, this is a great introduction to the U.S. states. Through gameplay, players are able to become more familiar with state names, capitals, nicknames, shapes, and location within the United States. I found the game to not feel like a learning exercise, which is a definite plus, as learning games that don’t feel fun may not give you the results you are looking for. To increase the amount learned each round, you might consider adding a rule requiring players to also say the Capital and Nickname as well as the State name after slapping each State card.


Before purchasing, you can learn more about the game on the Gamewright website, and the game can be purchased online at Ceako, Eureka!, and Amazon. If you are interested in purchasing from a brick and mortar store in the United States, or a few other countries, see locations selling Gamewright products here.

Disclosure: I received the game for free from Gamewright for this review. At this time however, I do not receive a commission should you choose to purchase the game.


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