Themed Dice

Various Themed Dice

Many individuals enjoy playing games involving dice. Whether you engage in roll-playing games or more casual dice games, thematic dice can help set the mood of an evening of dice play in your target language. For the casual player, most games are played using 6 sided dice (d6). There are many of these dice sets for sale- you will find dice with the numbers in your target language, dice themed to a specific country or culture, and dice related to a given holiday or event.

Today, is December 4 which is both World Dice Day and National Dice Day in the United States. (See this GeSpiele article for some background information). There’s no better time to get ready for a special holiday or game night held in the language you are learning. If you are not sure of what games you might play with dice, or are looking for something new, I have included a couple of resources below. There are many more if you do a simple web search.

I am working on a larger database of dice sets you can purchase from various companies, but included in this post are some of my personal sets to give you an idea of a few possibilities. I want to thank Baron of Dice for providing me with the beautiful Italian and France dice sets.

Disclosure: At this time I do not receive a commission should you choose to purchase any of these dice. Baron of Dice provided me with two sets of dice for this article.